• Frequently Asked Questions

    Why would my child need early treatment? Early treatment, or Phase I, would be recommended if there are certain discrepancies in the development of the upper and lower jaws. Early treatment can correct these problems in the early growth phase of your child (utilizing a functional appliance),

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  • Invisible Braces

    The value of an attractive smile should not be underestimated! This patient is wearing the "new" invisible braces. Our office offers the latest advancements in invisible orthodontic braces. This newest development in orthodontic technology allows you to smile with confidence throughout

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  • Orthodontics

    Orthodontics is usually our Second Phase of treatment, following the use of functional appliances. The braces would now be placed to move the teeth into alignment to support the development of the bone achieved in the first phase of treatment. The second phase of treatment is initiated when

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  • Whitening

    Get that Bright White Smile you've always wanted... Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you brush you can't seem to brighten your smile. The problem is not that your teeth are unclean, it's actually staining or the natural discoloration of your teeth. Teeth can darken for a number

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